Saturday, 25 May 2013

Bluebell Woods, Yoxall Lodge nr Burton upon Trent

If you are reading this after the end of May, I'm sorry but you missed it for this year.  Come back in the autumn or try again next spring!  The Bluebell Woods at Yoxall Lodge are a temporary attraction, run by the family that farms the land here, open for several weeks in spring.  The site is a working farm, with several miles of beautiful woods and pasture, streams and a lake, all awash with stunning bluebells.  Try the walk of about 1/2 mile for little legs or up to 2 1/2 miles round the parkland.

The coffee is instant, in mugs, served on plastic patio furniture set out on the lawn.  But don't get sniffy, the view is great and the cake comes in generous portions and delicious.

There is a charge for this one - £4 for adults, £1 for children and under 5s free.  It's not one for bikes or balls, and not at all buggy friendly.  But on a sunny day it's a perfect place for a family walk in beautiful surroundings.

Round up
Coffee price: £1
Favourite cake: All at £2.75, we enjoyed the coffee cake and the apple cake (Victoria sponge with spiced apple filling)

Child friendly highlights: Lots of outdoor space to run around and explore.  The toilets are portloos and I couldn't spot any baby changing.  Some of the bridges have no handrails and the lake is not fenced.
Buggy friendly: Not really!
Car parking: Free (once you've paid your entrance fee) but all on gravel


We visited on a sunny afternoon and it was beautiful.  We will come back when it becomes the Autumn Woods!

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