Pre-child, one of my favourite ways to spend a weekend was reading the papers (starting with the travel section) while drinking decent coffee in a cafe. And probably eating cake. Then Edward came along, and for a little while that habit continued. But then he wanted to get out of the buggy and toddle around. So our weekends needed to focus on places where we could take him. But I still wanted decent coffee and a nice piece of cake. So this blog was born.

We have visited all the places on it and tested the playgrounds and coffee shops. We have tried not to include anywhere with expensive entry fees, focussing instead on parks, playgrounds and attractions that are free to get in. Many charge for parking and this is indicated. Where we have included places with entry fees, we have tried to suggest ways of minimising the cost, such as annual membership or entry at particular times.

If you have a favourite place to have coffee and cake with your kids, email us and we will happily include it here as a guest review.

Where we are asked to review an attraction for PR purposes, we will indicate this.


Jenny, Martin and Edward